Gifty Anti gives testimony of how she got pregnant


Oheneyere Gifty Anti, the veteran Ghanaian broadcaster, has said that she is total support of a woman undergoing cosmetic surgery if solely for medical reasons.

In her opinion, no woman should be pressured to undergo plastic surgery regardless of the circumstances just so as to please society and men. She told Accra-based Class FM that she hopes to one day put an end to plastic surgery merely for aesthetics purposes (for bosom and bottom).

She said, “Women have the right to do whatever they want to do, but I will feel sad if a woman will go for plastic surgery because she feels that she does not belong and that she does not fit the status quo that society has designed for women,” she said. The mother of one in her radio conversation, maintained that although people have the right to their own bodies, she will not recommend plastic surgery for her daughter. “I will never encourage any of my friends or my girls or my daughters as I call them, to go for plastic surgery just for fun or for fashion or whatever but if it is for medical reasons of course, why not?”.


She encouraged youths to not take their humble beginnings for granted but rather accept every enterprise that serves as a means to help them develop their entrepreneurial abilities and sharpen their skills.

Gifty Anti is currently the host of the Stand Point on Ghana Television (GTV). She got married at the age of 47 years to Nana Anash Kwao IV, and has since given birth to a ‘royal baby’ girl named Nyame Animuonyam Afia Asaa Afrakoma Sintim-Misa.

The talented claimed to have sold different items on the streets just like any other girl while growing up. “I used to sell Guardian soap, the red and then ‘Don’t Touch Me’ during the tough times. There was a lady who used to live behind our house who made the ‘Don’t Touch Me’ soap, then we go for it and sell,” Gifty Anti said, revealing that although her father tried to stop her sometimes but she still defied his orders and went ahead to sell.