Here’s the Importance of Sex for a Happy Marriage

Importance of Sex for a Happy Marriage
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If you can buy this argument, you can most likely understand why sex is important in a marriage. Given that, not much is said about how important sex in a marriage.

All you will know is that intimacy enhances long-term relationships.

Sex does not have to happen with any specific measure of frequency or abundance necessarily; but the more it happens, the more it enhances a relationship, and the better you both feel.

By this logic, it would stand to reason that a complete lack of physical intimacy would be detracting from the relationship – just as a lack of icing detracts from a cupcake.

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If you’re not sure about this, I would suggest adding some sexual intimacy into your relationship (more than one go-round), create romance, and take stock of whether doing this enhances, detracts, or does nothing for you as a couple.

We do know that a healthy sex life is one of the most commonly cited traits among happy couples when asked how they make it work.

These couples have managed to maintain intimacy for years, still enjoying their bond and maintaining the fondness they have for one another.

Another reason why sex is important in marriage is that it has been shown that intimate activity causes the release of powerful endorphins that flow through reward pathways in the brain, inducing euphoria and the feelings of love.

Couples with regular sexual activity also gain the added benefit of aerobic workout; which is the best type of workout for weight loss – not to mention a great investment in your health. Body and mind are both affected by this powerful release.

Importance of sex is not limited to that, sex has some anti-aging benefits associated with it. Having sex has releases anti-inflammatory molecules in our body, which aids the repair work in our bodies.

Our bodies continuously experience damage and repair. Boosting the repair process can slow down the aging process and in turn, make us look youthful for longer.

Sex in marriage is important, and just as important is open communication.

Communication that offers a compromise, discusses the desired frequency of sex, likes, dislikes, and preferences, are discussions that can improve things that otherwise would stay unchanged for years.

Sex in married life is important, and if there are problems prevalent in your sex life, proper communication can help.

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