As a trained ‘Karatist’, I almost gave Muntaka a ‘flying kick’ – Ken Agyapong brags


Maverick politician, Kennedy Agyapong has once again boasted of his training in Karate indicating that he is capable facing Minority Chief Whip, Hon Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak and beating him to a pulp.

“I am good fucken trained Karatis, I will deal with that meager. I wanted to give him some flying kicks. That’s it and he would have known if he is indeed a Zongo boy. I am old now but years back, I could fight for 30 minutes non-stop. I can’t do that now….What makes me dangerous is that I can strike him at two spots, and he will fall as if poleaxed,” he illustrated.

It would be recalled that the two lawmakers a week ago nearly ended up in fisticuffs on the floor of parliament over a request made by Muntaka that the businessman should be referred to the privileges committee over Ahmed Suale’ murder.

In the 31-second video obtained by, the two lawmakers were seen in heated verbal exchanges in Twi amidst threats while colleagues tried to calm the situation by dragging the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central away.

While Muntaka insulted Kennedy Agyapong in Twi as an animal and a ‘foolish good-for-nothing’, Kennedy vowed to make Muntaka uncomfortable in Ghana.

“Wo ye aboa-ba, gyimi gyimii” Muntaka shouted at Kennedy Agyapong as the NPP MP was being restrained.

Mr. Agyapong who says he does not know what wrong he has committed against Muntaka quizzed“I don’t know if I have coveted his wife, he should tell me. I don’t know if he’s been informed that I once hankered after his lady…But I’m too tough. I am more Muslim than Muntaka…He is a small boy”. …I don’t have his time but should he dare try me, his Zongo roots won’t help him. That one I can assure you. Go to Kumasi, go to every place I have resided at and ask about my prowess; he can’t intimidate me. But I’m still the nice guy…”, he threatened.