How your partner will act this Valentine based on his temperament.


Temperaments are behaviours that affect us unknowingly in our daily lives. They reflect the way we respond to situations differently as individuals.

There are four temperaments of which two are more prevalent in the lives of anybody even though we tend to possess a little of all. Phlegmatic, Melancholy, Choleric and Sanguine are the four main types of temperaments. Endeavor to read more about them.

During this season of love, many partners would love to express their love towards each other using various means. Some men tend to be more romantic than others and with the women, their reception also counts based on their temperament.

Phlegmatics would love to do the indoor games, spend some time alone with their partners without any interruption. Because they are introverts, they seem to enjoy a much-undisturbed atmosphere alone or with their partners. To the men, do not be surprised if she turns you down on a date, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is cheating but it might be because of her temperament, try other means. As for the men, he would love to have her around all day or maybe overnight to have some fun with. However, a phlegmatic would accept a date in order to make peace.

Sanguines are marked for their passionate personalities.  They seem to be more romantic than the rest of the temperaments and they express it vividly. Sanguines may want to start their Val’s day earlier, with dramatic scenes and pleasant surprises just to prove their love. They can go any length to make sure that their mission of love is accomplished during this season. If you have for yourself a Sanguine, you might be the figure of attraction this Valentine.

Melancholics, though introverts are very creative with expressing their love. They do not kill themselves like the Sanguines but trust me, you will enjoy a beautiful and creative love exposure this season. They are noted for candle lightening, floral decorations and amazing things that their creative minds allow them to do. But, melancholic take note of details and can easily be turned off by the slightest happening. Therefore, be very careful and more open to a melancholic partner if you really want to enjoy this season. If there are secrets to be told, do it now before the truth is brought to light else it might ruin your chances of being happy this season. Cholerics tend to be real lovers. They really don’t look romantic because of their nature but they are far better than Phlegmatics. They try any shot to prove their love and they can sometimes go the extreme. Never expect too much from them because you might be disappointed and never expect little from them because they might beat your imaginations. They are simply unpredictable.

Even though the various temperaments behave in unique ways, a partner might be affected by his or her lover’s temperament or their own secondary temperaments. Just be on guard.

Enjoy the season of love.