Never Propose to a Crush on Valentine’s Day.


The dilemma of when to actually propose to your crush has been an issue for very romantic guys who always want to act dramatic. Ladies, on the other hand, tend to actually delay a man’s proposal until they are fully convinced about accepting it.

Everything has it’s season, love, however, is always prevailing very strong in very few relationships just like it does in the Valentine season. Love feels good when it is reciprocal but doubtful when it is sourced immensely from just one channel and that is where the problem lies.

Based on analysis, proposals made to partners or maybe crush on the Valentine’s Day doesn’t really last because it is tuned to the demands of the love season. Because of the evidence of high estrogen in girls, they tend to be very sensitive to happenings around them. Girls naturally love to be loved so they seek any opportunity to have it.

Be conscious of the energy exuded by the two of you before going ahead to propose. Love is not meant to be shared for just a season or even because of a season but for a lifetime.