Ghana can still win AFCON – David Duncan


Former Ghanaian coach David Duncan believes that the chances of Ghana winning the AFCON has not decreased as there has been an increase in the number of participating teams.

There has been a change in the number of participating teams from 16 to 24 in line with a new resolution by continental football’s governing body CAF.

The Black Stars have been tipped to win the Cup of Nations as they have not won it in a very long time.

Speaking to Ghanaweb, David Duncan said;

“There’s nothing logical to suggest that the higher the number, the more difficult it’s going to be. For me, I think basically it’s all about preparation.

“Preparation gives you the urge, it necessarily won’t make you win it but at least it gives you an urge to win it.

“When Ghana entered the competition in 1963, we had just four teams but we entered and won it.

“So who knows? It might be a good omen that anytime the number is increased, Ghana is able to galvanize itself to win it.”

They have won the AFCON on four occasions – in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982. However, since then they have come close many a time but have not been fortunate enough to lift the trophy.