Wendy Shay’s Bursted Sex Scandal Video Was Actually A Hint To New Song


The song titled ‘The Boy is Mine’ is centered on love and for people to maintain their love.

The video starts with a scene with the exact audio that went viral a few days ago, where a man is caught in bed with another woman.

In the audio, a lady attacks Wendy Shay for sleeping with Bullet, her boyfriend.

When Wendy explained that she was just sleeping, the girlfriend asked her if she now sleeps naked in men’s room.

Bullet then yelled at his girlfriend to stop attacking Wendy Shay.

While some have lauded Bullet, for pulling a fast one on music lovers with the stunt, some also think the video may have been shot after the incident, just to deny the sex scandal.

Wendy Shay is also known for songs like ‘Uber Driver’, ‘Bedroom Commando,’and the most recent one ‘Psalm 35.’

Watch the video below: