If you wanted big buttocks we would have pumped Sister Derby’s – Wanlov the Kubolor


Ghanaian musician and film director, Wanlov the Kubolor has expressed his shock at rapper Medikal leaving his longtime lover Sister Debby.

The rapper and the female singer had been in a relationship for years before Medikal dumped her for Ghanaian actress.

There has been no information on why the two acts ended their relationship which most music fans had hoped would lead to marriage.

However, the Ghanaian-Romanian artist Wanlov has released a track which addresses the breakup, saying that he’s sad that Medikal left his sister Deborah Vanessa, better known as Sister Derby because she had flat buttocks.

He threw shots, stating that if Medikal was fascinated by big buttocks he should declare to his sister and they would have pumped Sister Derby’s own for him.

He also said if Medikal wanted a lady with a hard African face that something would have been worked out in his favour.

Wanlov made his gratitude known because since the breakup, Sister Derby’s song is now a certified hit and has gotten her several performances.