Stop wishing for the downfall of me and Fella – Medikal


Ghanaian rapper Medikal has reacted to fans attacking him and his lover, Fella Makafui since he broke up with his former partner, Sister Derby.

The rapper has been a target for Sister Derby’s fans on social media since he entered into a relationship with Fella and ditched Sister Derby.

Medikal pleaded with the fans to leave them alone as his relationship with Sister Derby did not work out.

“I get it that my ex and I were known figures and people fell in love with us as a couple so it hit them when the people they looked up to did not end up where they wanted them to be but I ask that they leave us alone, myself and Fella.

“Instead of insulting and wishing for our downfall, they should wish us the best.

“Fella is a good person with a good heart, I respect her so much and so far things have been good. I think people should just accept us for what we share and leave the rest to God.”

Although he refused to discuss whatever led to the breakup, he insisted that it was for the best. He also stated that he had not seen Sister Derby since the time of their breakup, and has no idea if they can ever be friends.

“You see, no one enters into a relationship with the enemy or expecting that things will go bad but if it turns out that way, you should just accept it and let go. This will not take away the respect I have for my ex

“Honestly, I cannot say right now whether I can be friends with her or not. I have not set eyes on her since we went our separate ways so I cannot tell for now”, Medikal added.

Asked whether he is not scared that his relationship with Fella Makafui can hit the rocks, he answered, “not at all, it will not. For me, I am a very optimistic person and does not wake up thinking of the negatives.

“For now, I am happy and peaceful where I am so those who do not like us should please channel their energies into purchasing our works.”

The rapper revealed that his relationship with Fella has seen some controversies, but when he was asked if there is a chance he would end things with her, he claimed that there is none. This makes you wonder.

“Yes there were some few hitches here and there but the most vital thing is that, it did not break me down and we held our head up and pulled through.

“We played some shows and I even organised my own show. So it was great, wonderful and I’m looking forward to a better 2019″

These controversies, he said, all ended up leading to moments of praise.

He made this revelation in an interview with Showbiz.