Shatta Wale reacts to Willie Roi’s death


It has been confirmed by Zylofon Media that Willie Roi is dead.

The Artist and Repertoire Manager was believed to have been Shatta Wale’s ‘number one’ fan when he was alive. For this reason, many expected Shatta Wale to be the first to react to the death of his ‘number one’ fan.

And as expected, he has reacted to it.

Taking to his Facebook wall, he wrote: “You’re gone but not forgotten Willie Roi”

Wllie-Roi Shatta Wale reacts to Willie Roi's death

The late Willie Roi

And he promises late Willie Roi that never will they forget his name. The Singer/MultiInstrumentalist is said to have died at his apartment in Accra early Sunday, February 10, 2019.