I sell at Kantamanto market when not acting – Adu Sarfowaa


When most people manage to move from the place where they suffered before making it, they only talk about in retrospect and try everything possible to avoid going back to that situation.

However, Ghanaian actress, Adu Sarfowaa does the exact opposite of that. According to her, she sells at one of Ghana’s largest business places, Kantamanto where she used to do small-scale trading when she was chased out of the house on the verge of becoming an adult.

Talking in an interview on ‘The Late Night Celebrity’ show, the actress said;

“I run my shop when life started. The truth about my story is that I was actually thrown out of the house and I started selling at ‘Kantamanto’. I told my heart that no matter how far I go in life I will still go back to my ‘Kantamanto’ business or I will still sell again.”

Although she said she now does the business on a larger scale, utilizing the opportunities she has.

“Well, my life is not about even getting movie roles or advert roles. I’m someone who wants to get something done all the time, that’s my spirit,”

“God gave me a dream to organize the ‘Miss Noble Ghana Beauty Pageant’ and ‘Africa Tertiary Entrepreneurs Awards’ where I teach people to make some household toiletries as part of my award scheme. Then I also run my shop.”

Adu Sarfowaa is a hard working lady with a lot of determination and good spirit. The sky is her starting point.

IMG-20160127-WA0004-680x1024 I sell at Kantamanto market when not acting - Adu Sarfowaa

Adu Sarfowaa