Ohemaa Woyeje Finally Reveals Why She Left Multimedia


Former Adom FM presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje has revealed why she left Multimedia.

She says she left because of unfair treatment meted out to her from her boss.

According to her, she was beginning to feel uncomfortable working with Multimedia because her boss was taking huge decisions about her career without any prior notice.

In an interview with graphic showbiz, she disclosed that “I took some vacation and returned in October. I resumed work and about an hour before I went on air, my boss sent me a Whatsapp message asking me to hand over the show to someone else, without any explanation.

“Meanwhile my job description is to be a host, entertain and engage listeners with music and delivery but they breached the contract by assigning me new roles that have nothing to do with presenting such as field jobs and production work.”

“My bosses took this decision alone; there was no prior notification or communication. I was not ready for these new roles so I quit.”

“I am currently having a hard time choosing from many options to consider my next move after leaving Multimedia but for the time been, my top most priority is to take some time off and rethink my next move,” she added.