I am not a womanizer like movies depict – Paa George


Veteran Ghanaian actor, Paa George, has revealed that he only engages in casual sexual affairs with women in movies only.

According to him, in his early days as an active member of the Brigade Band, he led a promiscuous lifestyle but does not womanize any longer.

The actor disclosed that the roles he played as a womanizer in movies made people tag him as one in real life.

He furthered that actors should not be judged based on their roles in movies as most are different in real life.

In an interview with Kasapa FM, Paa George told Kojo Preko Dankwa that;

“If someone sees me in that compromise manner with women in movies, it’s just acting and not to be taken serious. It is never my habit in real life. I was a womanizer during my Brigade time but for now, I have completely changed.

“Those days I was called ‘Kojo Blackie’ because of my handsomeness and I had a ‘Kasawaki’ motorcycle with the inscription ‘Ladies Friend’ which I only allowed beautiful ladies to board but for now, I have completely stopped womanizing so it can’t be my character.”

He shockingly said due to his many transient sexual relationships with women who admired him, he had so many children with eight (8) women.