No humility in the game – Sarkodie laments


It seems that one of Africa’s hottest rapper, Sarkodie might be battling with a recent betrayal as seen in a recent post.

In the post, Sarkodie complained about how some people are never willing to help others and also how they always want to laud and feel superior to others.

He also noted that humans beings were not promised the next second in life, and therefore had to be humbled by that fact alone.

Sarkodie tweeted that:

“It’s kinda scary that we have no idea what could happen in the next second… And just that should be able to humble us … The so called “not my level” type person might b the one to save your life.”

There has been no confirmation if a close friend or family has betrayed the ‘You go kill me’ hitmaker, but his post shows that he might not be a happy man as at the time he made it.

Sarkodie was massively in the news recently because of his star-studded wedding.

After his customary wedding with his lover on July 17th, 2018, Sarkodie hesitated in releasing the photos from the wedding for his own personal reasons.

However, the media was washed with blurred pictures leaked by some individuals suspected to be at the wedding.

Sarkodie and Tracy had their white wedding on July 21st, 2018, and the next day they released beautiful photos which went viral.

One thing that was beautiful at their wedding was the wedding cake which miraculously appeared from the ceiling and hanged halfway to the ground.

Mrs. Tracy Owusu-Addo herself was excited about the hanging wedding cake that she branded it “Africa’s first descending from the ceiling wedding cake”.

Tracy and Sarkodie have reportedly dated for thirteen years before their glamorous wedding.

They have an adorable daughter whom they affectionately call Titi.