Nayas is not my wife; she should find her husband – Apostle John Prah


Ghanaian actor, John Prah has outright denied that he is in a relationship with actress, Nayas.

Apostle John Prah disclosed that he had never met her before the recent movie they both starred in. According to him, the pictures are from a photo shoot and it is all an act.

He uploaded a video of himself denouncing claims that he has anything going on with the actress. He said;

“The past 2 to 3 days have seen some videos of me and a girl called Nayas on social media. With all due respect, she’s not my wife. I am married to Akua Rita with whom I live. We only shot a movie together in which she (Nayas) was my wife… My director advised that we met at the Accra Mall for a photoshoot. It was just an act.”

“I’ve met Nayas only on two occasions throughout my life…The day of the movie shoot and the day of the photoshoot at the mall. I’m always in the company of one of my younger pastors. We were all present when we did the shoot. So the Nayas or whatever is not my wife. She personally knows the truth so it’s prudent for her to be truthful.

In the initial stages, I thought the directors had asked her to do that just to hype the movie but I was later told the director has no idea about it. She must be careful. She’s not my wife. She should go look for her husband…,” he said.

Nayas is known to be controversial and this is not the first time she is stirring up drama for attention.