Menzgold is moving forward despite retribution against company and owner – Becca


Some weeks back, Nana Appiah Mensah’s company, Menzgold was asked to stop one of its operations; selling gold deposits to individuals. It was reported that the company did not have the licence to carry out such an operation.

Zylofon signee, Becca has however taken a shot at the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC), saying that the situation could have been approached in a better way than shutting the operation down. She claimed that it is retribution against Menzgold and the owner.

In a post on Instagram, Becca wrote a caption that confirmed that Menzgold is moving forward. The caption reads;

“Conflict in itself has never been a terrible thing. It is the management of it, that promotes or kills professional growth. I honestly believe there are far better ways than the retribution against Menzgold. Moving forward with Menzgold… God Bless Ghana”

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