Meji Alabi the Creative Force Behind Your Favorite Afrobeats Videos


This week Pulse introduces you to the Art behind the Artist, his name is Meji Alabi.

The audio version of a new song might float on the many streaming services as though orphaned, but only when a video is released does it earn a new life on YouTube where visual interpretation, for good or bad, determines if a song will be viewed again—and the song enjoyed again.

Born to Nigerian parents, Meji Alabi is a director largely influenced by diverse cultures having grown up in London, Texas and Lagos. His passion can be summarised in two things – people and his love for film making. With his skill sets spanning across directing music videos, commercials and movies, Meji’s consistent dare to push the boundaries of creativity has already seen him widely tipped to rule the screens for a long time.

The music video kicks off in Atlanta but eventually follows Casanova to Lagos, where he connects with Davido in Shitta. The clip was directed by Nigeria’s Meji Alabi,

Watch Casanova, Davido & Tory Lanez’ ‘2AM‘ Directed by Meji Alabi: