The media is responsible for controversy in entertainment industry – Jessica Williams


Controversy abounds, and hands are being pointed to the media for being responsible.

Ghanaian actress, Jessica Williams said in an interview on eTV that the media is behind all the controversial happenings in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Jessica believes that the media is attracted to the negative news while the positive news is not given any regard. According to her, this has caused most celebrities to employ controversy in their promoting their brands.

“The media is always interested in bad news, they say bad news sells. They are pushing most of us, celebrities to do controversial things and creating drama.”

“Go and win an award and bring it home, you won’t have anyone blogging about it. They basically would want you to pay before they blog about it but then let’s hear Jessica’s nude video or nude pictures has come out, they won’t even come and ask me or find out how it happened, by the time you realize it’s all over,” she said.

Although, she resolved to keep her brand free of controversy.

She said;

“It has become the trend right now, I just don’t want to follow that trend. I’m not perfect but I’m trying as much as possible to keep a clean sheet”