Man Shot Dead after wife flaunted his money on social media


A Nigerian man identified as Enango Gelsthorpe Sege has been tragically killed by armed robbers at his residence due to his wife’s negligence on social media.

The deceased’s brother who posted the tragic news on Facebook revealed that the demise of his brother was due to his wife showcasing bundles of his hard earned salary on her social page.

He wrote; “I received this shocking news yesterday. My brother was shot dead by unknown armed robbers at his residence.

This is as a result of his wife’s negligence. His wife posted these bundles of money on her Facebook account. My brother had been paid by his company. RIP Enango Gelsthorpe Sege,” Ibomo Rafeal Seimiengha wrote on Facebook.

Man-1-1 Man Shot Dead after wife flaunted his money on social media

Source reported that Enango was in possession of a large amount of money given to him by his employer before his untimely death, he felt the safest place to keep the sum of money was his humble abode, which unfortunately culminated in his untimely death.

His wife went on a frenzy on sighting the bundle of cash and took to social media to boost her Ego. Pictures could be seen of her taking selfies with her husband’s hard earned salary on the internet, which resulted in the tragic incidence of his demise.

Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to spoil her with the goodies that money could buy. This negligence has made her a widow and she will live with the guilt of being the source of his death.

It’s not in your best interest to flaunt personal pictures as such on the internet as you may just be inviting trouble to your door.