Iwan is the best Ghanaian Dancehall artiste – Bulldog


Artiste manager, Bulldog was once in business with a sensational reggae artiste, Iwan before their relationship abruptly ended. Bulldog has now expressed his regrets over leaving his former artiste, saying that Iwan is easily the best Reggae/Dancehall artiste in Ghana.

It was unknown to the Ghanaians at large whatever happened between them although Iwan tendered an apology to Bulldog to put whatever happened behind them. Bulldog has also done the same by apologizing to Iwan. He admitted having made so many mistakes, stating that emotions should never cloud a person’s judgement. Especially when you have a reputation to maintain.

“….I have learnt painful lessons. I can sit here and say that Iwan is the most prolific reggae/dancehall artistes in Ghana. My inexperience at the time made me cut my glory short. Because when he messed up with me I forgot that he was supposed to come through me to be great…,” Bulldog said.

Iwan won the Reggae song of the year at the 2011 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and it was after this that he and Bulldog went their separate ways after being together since 2008.`