I’m being hated because I endorsed Nana Akufo-Addo – Cwesi Oteng


Ghanaian gospel artist Cwesi Oteng has said that people hate him because he was one of those who endorsed President Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP in the 2016 elections.

The singer said that he’s been getting cruel treatment from people he does not know and it’s most definitely because of his support of the president during the elections.

Cwesi said that he regretted the decision as people hate him for no reason because of it.

“That’s the reason I regretted, not because I endorsed him. People frown for no reason. And I thought per my knowledge and understanding of the Ghanaian. So I felt that I had an independent human right to make a choice.

“Any government that takes over a sitting government, you look at the presidency of John Mahama, it was an amazing presidency, I don’t care what anybody thinks. Look at the stuff he did,” he told Starr 103.5FM.

“Ghana doesn’t have any sitting money to do those things, he has to borrow money to do them. Any person who takes up a government like that is not going to find it easy. Because there’s a lot of pressure.

“I think Nana is rising. Of course we’re looking at the next two years and possibly his next term of four years, but otherwise, I think that by the end of his presidency then we can judge him.

“People go silent on who they’re voting for, but I think that for democracy and for peace and for Africa not to see wars, I have to be able to know your political party and love you than for you to hide your political party for me to love you.”