Ghanaians only promote artists they are used to – M.anifest


Talented Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest, has opposed the idea of Ghanaians supporting only artistes they know, stating that it’s time for people to embrace different genres of music.

According to him, The refusal to embrace diverse genres every artist comes only leads to the death of the international market.

“We have a problem. Our problem is only promoting people we know and like. Not necessarily the best people and that will always be our killing market if we are not careful. If somebody is dope in Ghana because somebody doesn’t know him, they will never try and propel them. ” He said.

He cited the Nigerian music industry as an example and stated that it’s possible to have more than two big acts, doing different genres without anybody disturbing the progress of the other.

M.anifest opined that;

“In Ghana, sometimes when something is different small; it’s more of an Asa and Simi, it’s always for a small group of people. But we will not reach our highest height if we can’t have diverse dope personalities doing great in their genres.”

“Networking and relationships matter but just because I haven’t met you or you are not in my pocket doesn’t mean that if you think I am the dopest to work with and represent in Ghanaian Hip Hop, you shouldn’t promote.”

“If we do not support the best of our talent, those who are also coming up – who can reach higher levels will never get there because we are only supporting the people we think we know?” He queried.