Ghanaian musicians should explore other genres of music – RudeBoy of P-Square fame


RudeBoy, formerly of P-Square fame, says Nigerian music is successful than Ghanaian music because Nigerians are ‘sharper’ than the Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview with WGHC Radio in Chicago, USA, the musician admitted that most beats and trends come from Ghana but Nigerians always have a way of picking those trends and making them big.

“Nigerians we’re too sharp…most of the sounds you’re talking about they come from you guys [Ghanaians]… if you’re not sharp enough, Naija we’re sharper,” he said.

Commenting on the recent issue of Ghanaian artistes not being accepted by Nigerians, he said; “Sarkodie is the most known Ghanaian artiste in Nigeria”.