Don’t attempt marriage if you are poor – DKB warns men


Comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB, has warned men who are not financially capable to stay away from marriage.

DKB believes that there cannot be a successful marriage without money. He adds that most marriages do not work because of financial constraints.

“No don’t get married. Don’t go and stress somebody’s daughter. Do you know a lot of the divorces; money contributes like 85 or 90 percentage and petty issues,” he said.

The comedian, who is yet to be married, while on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot told MzGee that rich men get away with adultery because of their wealth.

“You think the rich men do not cheat and their wives do not know they are cheating? Even when their girlfriends are coming to look for them, their wives tell them because there is money,” DKB added.

Watch the interview in the video below;