DKB bashing on media after apologising for poor performance at Laffta Fest


After apologising for abysmal performance at the Glo Laffta Fest last week, Comedian DKB has taken on the media for failing to applaud him when he performs creditably well.

According to him, the media is trying to confuse his fans with negative publications but he believes his fans are deranged.

DKB vows to make a great come back after his appalling performance a week ago.

“A couple of weeks ago first Laffta Fest happened, I nailed it for Ghana. It was at if our media people forgot that the show even happened, we struggled to get it publicised. Fast forward last weekend, Glo Laffta Fest happened again, I didn’t perform to my expectation and I apologised to the fans. Eiii DKB this, DKB that…you see why I will not grant interviews.

“You asked me what could be the contributing factors and I said maybe the comedian who came before because the audience looked tired so maybe he drains them, oh DKB blames Dan D’ Humorous for his failure, what is even failure about this? They laughed at the end of the day. You can’t confuse my fans, you can’t deceive them, my fans know what I’m made of, my fans should worry I will bounce back,” he said.