My daughters have been my source of strength – Hamamat Montia


Former Miss Malaika, Hamamat Montia, has said that her twin girls have been her support system since she had a divorce.

According to her, she wants to be a great woman and a strong mother that her daughters can look up to.

Hamamat admitted that she’s part of the cause of the divorce but did not divulge any information about the whole story.

Speaking to Showbiz, the mother of two said;

“You know when things did not go as planned, it was painful, it hurt but I had to be strong. I looked around to find what could keep me going then one day, I heard my daughters say to each other that they wanted to be like me when they grew up and that was the wake-up call for me, that I had to pick up the pieces and move on.

“If not for anything at all, I want to be that great woman, that strong mommy they can look up to. I was expected to look someway because my partner had moved on way earlier than I expected but no, I didn’t, I stood my grounds and today, I am here, I just want to give my children a reason to be happy.”

“I would blame myself too because it takes two people to make it work but if I am not in a happy place, I will not stay there because of my children, no, I need to leave to be strong and hold them down when the need arises.

“I know there are lots of women who are in marriages that are causing them pain but are staying with the excuse that they want the best for their children but no, you cannot hold your children down when you kick the bucket when you are devastated etc”

She furthered that she has learnt a valuable lesson and that if her daughters ever found themselves in a situation like this she would advise them to choose happiness.

“Like I keep saying if I stay in it and I am miserable and my daughters find themselves in such a situation, what advice will I give them, that is what I think of whenever I am making a decision.”