I prefer older men in bed – Nayas


Controversial Ghanaian actress, Nayas has revealed that she prefers older men in bed.

Although she claimed that she likes young men who are neat, the actress/movie producer said that older men are the real deal for her.

Speaking on e.Tv Ghana’s sex education show ‘In bed with Adwen’, she said;

“A lot of young ladies will say they love young men who can fuck them well but as for me, I will not take a young guy who will fuck me then at the end of the day I will be hungry.

“Anyone who says a 50-year-old man cannot function in bed is a liar, I have a sugar daddy who is good in bed, he makes me happy every time. In fact, the way he kisses me is the best. no scent!”

Nayas is known for her controversial statements.