I am in no hurry for marriage; I’m young – Maame Serwaa


Ghanaian actress Clara Benson, popularly known as Maame Serwaa, has said she has no plans of getting married soon.

The young actress stated in her interview on Okay FM that she is focusing on her education and is in no rush to get married.

“Salinko, am focusing on my education and how to educate young teenagers especially girls to adhere themselves from pregnancies and abortion. Marriage is God’s creation, but am not ready to get married anytime soon”

According to Serwaa, she is not snobbish as many people have judged her to be.

She also asserted that she can handle fame without involving herself in scandals, mentioning that she was well taught by her late mother.

“I’m not snobbish. I may not have met the people spreading this rumour in person, and they may be saying that because I haven’t engaged them personally, but when they get to meet me, they will change their perception.”

“Yes there have been some changes in my life, in terms of how I look and all that but it is simply because I now have a team that takes branding very seriously.

“I can handle fame and I have been handling it since my career began as a child so there is no way I will do something that will bring shame to the people around me. I don’t drink nor smoke, I am not someone who likes to go clubbing and all that.

“The people I work with run my life and my late mom taught me a lot of things about life.

“If not for anything at all, for the love I have for my late mother, I need to live right so that I can make her proud,” she said.