Idris Elba is the Sexiest Man Alive For 2018


Get ready, world, because ‘People’ has named its brand new ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ and out of all the hotties on the face of the earth, the magazine had declared Idris Elba to be the hottest of them all!

All hail Idris Elba, your brand new “Sexist Man Alive.” This stud was crowned People magazine’s newest king on Nov. 5, much to the delight of his fans everywhere. With this announcement, the sexy Brit “SMA” now joins the ranks of such past winners like Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Patrick Swayze, George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth and last year’s winner, Blake Shelton.

The big reveal was made on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon doing the honors. He had Idris on live via satellite from London for the big reveal and showed the 46-year-old actor his cover for the first time. He’s seen dressed in a white tank, cozy tan sweater and blue jeans with a big grin on his face.“It’s amazing! I’m really, really happy with that,” Idris told Jimmy. “Thank you so much PEOPLE magazine for making me sexiest man in the world. My mum is going to be very, very proud. Well done PEOPLE, well done with this selection!!!

People magazine has been crowning the “Sexiest Man Alive” since 1985, with its inaugural pick, Mel Gibson. There have been a handful of repeat winners – Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Richard Gere and Johnny Depp have all won twice. In 1993, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford were named the “Sexiest Couple Alive.” While People did name Kate Upton the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2014, there haven’t been any winners since. Instead, women are often celebrated as being at the top of the magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” list.

In 2016, “the People’s Champ” became the Sexiest Man Alive, as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was crowned the hunkiest hunk that ever did hunk. “I said, ‘That’s awesome,” The Rock told the magazine when describing his reaction to finding out he was the new SMA. “And then what went through my mind was just how cool and exciting it is. And then I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle.’ I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

Dwayne had some interesting comments when, in 2017, Blake Shelton surprised many by winning the prestigious honor. “Let’s all just take a moment to recognize [People’s] Sexiest Man Alive will always be the 6’5 260 lbs of tattooed brown eyed soul. And clearly there’s lots of steamy cheese on this pizza I’m serving. That is all. Let’s get back to work,” he tweeted. “Truth is I was going to become the first ever back to back SMA but that absurd fanny pack picture made its rounds on the inter web again causing @people to rethunketh the whole damn thing.”

Blake – whose win did cause many people to raise their eyebrows – seems to have taken all the grief in stride. “I feel like [sexiness] doesn’t exist anymore. I feel like it’s over,” he told Ellen DeGeneres when stopping by her show on Nov. 5. “I wish whoever [wins] luck.” He even joked that his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, “expected more” from him after he was crowned the hottest hottie in all the land. “She did. It’s supposed to be like a super power or whatever. I don’t think she felt the power that she thought!”