To fight rape we have to fight the mindset that enables it – Lydia Forson


It is true that the issue of rape is not an issue that can be joked with or made fun of.

Recently, a Ghanaian comedian made a pedophilic remark about Sarkodie’s two-year-old daughter. Even though he apologized, he was vehemently attacked.

Ghanaian talented actress, Lydia Forson remains concerned about the issue of rape, saying we can’t fight it without first fighting the mindset that enables it.

According to her, there is a reason why a man will feel entitled to a woman’s body and it’s in how they are socialised through the kind of music they listen to, the movies they watch and even jokes they make.

“We cannot fight against RAPE without fighting the mindset that enables it,” she posted on Twitter.

“There’s a reason why a man feels entitled to a woman’s body; it’s in how we’re socialised through the music we listen to, movies we watch and even jokes we make. It’s much deeper than we think. Smh.”

You can check her post on Twitter below;