I cannot be in a relationship for more than two years – Ella Mensah


It is quite the norm for ladies to be in relationships for quite a period of time to get to know their partners well. Popular actress, Ella Mensah, however, believes that it is a wrong orientation.

According to the actress, she can and will never be with a man for more than two years no matter how much she is in love with him. Two years, to her, is enough for any man who loves her to know all about her to make a choice.

“I will be wasting my time and making a fool out of myself if I date a man for more than two years. After those two years, what else is the man waiting for to marry me? Such men end up not marrying their longtime girlfriends,” she said while speaking to Graphic Showbiz.

Ella revealed that she has ended a lot of relationships after two years of dating because the men were obviously not serious. She further disclosed that she has never been single.

“Well, I will say I am very lucky to have all the cute guys running after me. I am always in a relationship not because I am so special but probably it’s because I trust my men so well,” she said.

When she was asked when she will tie the knot, Ella Mensah, who is fully based in Nigeria currently answered that she will probably settle down by the end of the year.

“I am currently hooked up with one cute guy and we are planning to marry soon,” the mother of one said.

She is doing well in Nigeria, however, she believes Ghana has plenty of good actors and wishes that the government would invest more in the entertainment sector.