‘Better treat me right’ – Says Wiyaala in new song


One of the benefits of international touring is that Wiyaala gets to work with producers from other countries.

Now, she has come up “Better Treat Me Right”, a collaboration with What’s That Sound Productions, a songwriting and music production house from London.

‘’Better Treat Me Right’’ is a feel-good pop song delivered with Wiyaala’s trademark feisty energy which separates the “lioness” from the “boys” whilst flaunting a flirtatious naughtiness that characterises some of her songs like her evergreen hit “Rock My Body”.

In an upbeat chorus, Wiyaala promises to “pull out your hair and push you down the stairs” if you, as a man, don’t measure up!

Like many UK production houses, there are several remixes of the song, the one featured here is the WTS and Charles Jay Mashup Remix.

Watch the video here: